Hydronic Flooring Insulation

EPS Molders Inc. Hydronic Flooring Panels simplify heated slab installation by meeting provincial requirements for under slab insulation and providing channels for holding pex tubing in place while concrete is being poured.   Hydronic Flooring eases the layout of the tubing and saves money by not requiring the tubing to be stapled.  New residential building codes require a minimum of R16 in underslab heating systems which our 4” panels satisfy.

Our Eco-friendly products save construction time and ensure quality heated slab installations.  Contact our sales team today to get custom sized installation packages that are perfectly fit to your application and drawings.  Our “no waste” approach simplifies construction and reduces cost.

  • We work with you to meet your specific project needs and eliminate site waste and expense

  • Custom height grade beam insulation 12” to 48” widths to reduce waste and site cutting time

  • Sloped void, thickened edge void, and custom width slab for under aprons, sidewalks, and pads

  • Custom shaped (stairs, tapers, dentils) EPS cuts for special fill or void situations