Exterior Insulated Finish Systems

Our EIFS related products include:
·       Industry Standard

·       EPSM Rainboard

·       Starter Strips

·       Custom Moldings

·      24″ x 48″ flat board to variance of +/- 1/16″ width and dimensions

·      Standard industry bagging in UV rated 24″x24″x48″ EPS Molders logo bags

1.5″ (16pcs), 2.0″ (12pcs), 3.0″ (8 pcs), 4.0″ (6 pcs), 6.0″ (4pcs), & custom thicknesses available
EPS Molders Inc. supplies quality expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation sheet goods and EIFS products to all aspects of the construction and stucco industries.   EIFS is used under stucco to improve water resistance and insulation of buildings (Commercial and Residential).
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