Custom Shape Projects- You think it, we can cut it!

Our EPS products can take almost any shape. From lightweight packaging, to custom signs, to exterior decorations, and everything in between, our CNC guided hot wire cutting equipment can precisely cut custom shapes with a 1/16” accuracy. With it’s lightweight, durable and thermal properties, expanded polystyrene is an innovative, yet simple alternative to traditional materials.

All EPS products are 100% recyclable!
Our manufacturing facility can efficiently produce custom shaped EPS products to your specification.  Contact us today and we can provide an estimate for your project.


  • Letters and shapes for signs and celebrations.

  • Props for movies and stage theatres.

  • Custom cut pieces for SIPS wall system Manufacturers.

  • Profiles for stucco applications
Other Applications:

  • Custom voids for precast concrete manufacturing to accommodate storm sewer chambers and access points.

  • Custom sloped roof systems (Slope Packages) for commercial and residential applications.

  • Custom edges such as shiplap.

  • Custom size sheeting products to reduce waste and minimize onsite cutting.

  • Finger void fill. The fingers on the product are designed to collapse under the slab and allow frost heaving to be absorbed and not transferred to the slab above, reducing cracking.

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